Aug. 27th, 2012

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I am in a pensive mood today - no idea why - and I have spent the past few hours rereading all my old fic, largely so I can figure out what I feel up to continuing (and hopefully finishing). So I now feel like making a really narcissistic post consisting entirely of my thoughts on my own fic. XD

I write almost exclusively Tortall fic (not that it's obvious >.<), but the first fics I wrote were really crappy Inuyasha fics. I think I only ever posted one (I hope I only ever posted one...) and I no longer remember my old username (my current account there is relatively new), so I can no longer find it. I had an ongoing Star Trek AU I was also working on, and I still do some puttering with that occasionally, but I never did and never will publish it anywhere, because for some reason it just feels like my own little thing. IDK.

Cut for long self-indulgent rambling )

...So. How's that for a ramble? XD


Aug. 27th, 2012 03:02 pm
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The crackfic icon has never been more appropriate, really. XD

I have just written what is quite possibly the single weirdest Immortals Quartet AU ever, and only Snake in the Grass beats it out for sheer insanity. You know all those crazy fic ideas I had? Things like, oh, Numair being a Tyran spy who really did betray Ozorne and is now spying on Jon, or Ozorne having really executed Numair and not the simulacrum?

Yeah, this fic took all those insane plotbunnies, threw in a few more, then ran them through a blender.

It feels like a first fic, and I do think I have more to write in this 'verse, which I am tentatively titling Hell to Pay. The fic itself, Fracture Point, is up on AO3.

...God, this is a weird little fic. XD Dark, dark utter crackfic.

ETA: posted a sequel! In which yet another one of my crackbunny ideas joins the fray, and we learn that just maybe Ozorne is not completely stupid in Emperor Mage. Much to Numair's chagrin and considerable alarm.

....I think I may have a new AU-addiction. Hee.
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This is me, rambling on about spoilery brainstormy stuff for my current AU. You are duly warned. XD

Damn, Numair, how do you manage to be both ridiculously creepy, horribly inept, and still somehow competent enough for government work in a completely cockeyed way, all at the same time?

Also, Ozorne is starting to freak me out. What happened, man? You were actually rather sane and reasonable in the first fic!

...I think godhood fucked with his head.

...Huh. If Daine died/ascended to godhood while she still had the Hag's magic, would she still have it as a god? ...brain is saying, why the hell not. another crackish idea for the muddle that is this 'verse.

So I wonder if simulacra disintegrate at some point. IDK. On the one hand, canonically Numair gets rid of his when done with no problem. On the other, Daine does see the simulacrum stored away in Lindhall's office under a sheet, and it obviously had to be real enough to fool Ozorne and his executioner, which implies something much more akin to a real physical body. hmhm.

While I'm nattering away, anybody have more crackish ideas for the blender? Screwing around with Tortall's magic and metaphysics has just blown the whole 'verse wide open. Whee.

.....eeee. I kind of cannot believe I'm saying this, but I now have a burning urge to run this 'verse up through DotL, just for the vague possibility of having Aly run across inept-yet-strangely-competent TyranSpy!Numair. IDK. Though I am also scared, because that'd mean she probably runs across Ozorne too, and somehow I see Aly and Ozorne really getting along quite well, which brings forth in me a feeling of unholy dread. So.

Also, Jon? Check who's holding your money before pissing off a merchant republic, k? Jon learns the hard way just why the tiniest nation in the Eastern Lands is still independent, given that it's bordered or near three (IMO) canonically imperialist/expansionist powers.

...this icon, too, is strangely appropriate for this 'verse.

...It just occurred to me that I have NO IDEA what happened to Kitten in this 'verse. how intelligent is she, at that age? if she's akin to a human child, does she even understand quite what happened to Daine? would she follow her to the Divine Realms? Could Kitten even follow on her own? And I am not at all sure how wild-bogeyman!Daine would react to Kitten. Hmhm. Thinky thinky.
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You know the eerie thing about this? Every single crackbunny has a solid base in canon.

So far, the 'verse incorporates:
1. The idea that the Numair executed in EM was the real Numair, and the Numair we saw starting in the menagerie scene was a simulacrum. Given what little we know of simulacra - and who we know uses them - this is not that unlikely.
2. The idea that Numair really did commit treason against Carthak. The idea of him being a Tyran agent stems from this, mostly because it's about the only plausible reason, given his character, that I could see him as a traitor to Ozorne, but also because it explains another inexplicable thing in canon: why he flees to Tortall instead of Tyra, where he still canonically has living family, and goes to work for another foreign crown, one he has absolutely no connection to. Plus I get to piss Jon off, which is always worth it. XD Also, it allows me to explore Numair the Tyran more; from what we know of Tyra, Numair is remarkably deferent to and competent at dealing with nobles/royalty.
3. The idea that the Numair we see is a clever facade. Numair really underreacts to most things in canon, which was pointed out to me a long time ago back on my meta post on his character; at the very least, he's canonically repressing and glossing over a lot of his real emotions - or he's got ridiculously flat affect. Because I cannot imagine anyone without a dark side, especially not someone who was canonically on the run from the Emperor Mage, living on the streets of Tortall, I suggest that the real Numair is ... not that nice. Which is not implausible. Also, we do sorta see slips in Numair's mask in canon, which sorta bolster this theory. If you squint.
4. The idea that Daine as a god, had she chosen that route, would manifest more of her father's inhuman traits. Admittedly, I've taken that to an extreme here - deliberately - because I think that her overflow of wild magic and ability to shapeshift might really eff her up. Incidentally, almost all of the animals she manifests parts of are personally significant to her, which I hope is kinda obvious. XD
5. The notion that Numair did Daine no favors by magically "fixing" Daine's insanity in WM. This bugs me as a trope in general, but here - I mean, magic can fail. Or be removed. And she'd be less equipped, if that ever happened, to handling her losing herself to her magic than she would if she'd had to learn how to hold onto her sense of self.
6. In the third installation, this 'verse will start incorporating the notion that Numair steals the Dominion Jewel. This is admittedly less directly rooted in the books and more an outgrowth of #2 above; if you had access to an enemy's or hostile ally's secret weapon, conveniently pocket-sized, and the ability to get away fast, wouldn't you snag it? Especially if it could ensure your teeny mercantile republic's security and stability amidst several larger expansionist powers? It also stems from my frustration at the Jewel being reduced to a trinket post-Immortals; the famine is a half-assed explanation that I frankly don't buy, but Jon carrying around a replica of the real Jewel to reassure his people is scarily plausible.
7. Ozorne really has divine blood. Admittedly, as I said in my post on him, this is crackish, but. This is a universe with real gods, who really do go down and tell people what to do. Immortals borks SotL by having the gods interact with people at the drop of a hat, but even in SotL, having real, physical gods who manifest sometimes, however rarely, would have a drastic effect on how people relate to their deities. And one of the things that is just flat suicidal is declaring yourself a god without any reason for it. Given that I generally read EM!Ozorne as sane, if not exactly nice, he needs a solid reason for that particular shenanigan.
8. I have wondered this for ages: if Daine has, in EM, dead-raising powers, and she is, in EM, pissed off that Numair is, well, dead, why the HELL doesn't she go track down his corpse and raise it? It's heavily implied with the dinosaurs and Bone that the actual soul/spirit of the corpse in question comes back to life. (It would, admittedly, be hilarious to see Numair the Headless we even know how exactly he's executed?)
9. Daine in EM is out of control at the end, and this is blown off as a joke, or worse, something understandable and sympathetic. I'm sorry, she's either a mass murderer or a war criminal. But there is one notion I can get behind that makes her, if not more reasonable, more sensical as a character: the notion that being a demigod means one is ... rather unstable. That works, for me. I don't like EM!Daine any better, but I can get a handle on her that way. But then it raises the immediate question of why people - anyone, really - lets such a walking menace roam free.

...I think that covers all the crackbunnies I've thrown in HtP so far. All the ones I can remember off the top of my head, anyway.


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