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For Mandi on Glake.
In response to Malorie's Peak Prompt #2 - Hauntings.


There is an old, old story, and it goes like this:

There were once two men, twin humans. This was long, long ago, in the distant time when there were so few people they were essentially gods; certainly they seem so by the distance of time. They went on epic adventures, as heroes do: wooing the Sun's daughter, slaying dragons, finding sacred cattle over practically every hill, or so it seems. Scratching out the bounds of mortal existence itself.

Then, out of the blue, the elder twin died.

No one knows why. Some say it was an unfortunate accident. Some say he fell to his death while scanning for new land. Some say he went up against one dragon too many, and his luck finally ran out. Some say . . . well. Some say he died of his own free will, on a lark.

He shocked the world, let me tell you. In those days, there was no such thing as death, not for people - this had caught even the gods off-guard.

But the door was opened, and thus mortals became mortals.

He was offered, as the first person to do something new is always offered, possession of the thing he wrought; being the responsible sort, he accepted.

He had always wanted to be a king, same as his twin. Now they both were, in different ways.

Nobody remembers his name now. Nobody remembers he was ever a mortal.

. . . Let me tell you a secret, child: the gods knew. The gods knew what his death would unleash, and what mortality meant; jealous creatures that they are, they killed him deliberately, whether they touched him or no. Maybe they meant it to be a mercy. Sometimes, I am charitable.

How do I know?

The first of a thing never dies, and I was the first king.

There is a joy in old ghosts, my young friend, and someday you will know that too.

Say hello to my brother when you meet him, and tell him his twin sends his love.


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