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For Mandi on Glake.
In response to Malorie's Peak Prompt #3 - Addiction.


This is what life is: exultant joy, exuberant existence, dancing on the rim of oblivion with the Hooded One as the silent guardsman, trying to pull you down and in and catch you and spin you right off the edge of the world.

You don't let him, and you don't let him, and you dance away, right into the enclosure of those small bright things, and you spin them into your dance too.

This is the beat. This is your heart. This is the pulse that flows through your blood. This is the wave that ripples your magic.

You hypnotize them as you go, and they are heady wine to you, in their small fluttering hummingbird lives and large fears, so large, so very, very large.

They throw bits of the Mother at you, and you spin away, laughing your wild laugh that captures their daughters and captures their sons and sends them all reeling drunkenly onto your dance floor, until they finally catch on and throw enough fire at you to hem you all in.

You know they make you out to be a monster and you laugh and laugh, because you know what they don't: there are not ten Ysandir.


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