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Yami had no idea what Isis Ishtar had said to make Seto take up dueling again, never mind set up this insane tournament. He wasn't sure he wanted to.

He also wasn't sure he should thank her.

Had anyone told me even a month ago that Seto was going back to Duel Monsters, I'd've kissed them, Yami muttered.

Yugi snickered. Taking this rivalry a bit too seriously, aren't you?

But that was before Ishtar's bombshell about past lives, and these Ghouls and this Malik lunatic running around trying to kill people.

Seto had reacted really badly to that, and had started taking on every Ghoul he could find with unnerving viciousness.

He'd already managed to off three. Yami was studiously not checking to see if they were still alive.

Anyone dumb enough to call a shadow game on Seto in this mood deserved what came to them.

They'd parted ways, trying to lure out the other God cards, and now Yami was facing some mindless mime, and Malik through him, and the most devastating lockdown he'd ever encountered.

He had no idea how to win. Not against the Jams. Not against Osiris. Not together.

Against one or the other, I could have won, Yami thought, dropping to his knees, and the wave of startled resignation he felt was both his and Yugi's.

And then Seto was there, snarling like he always did when confronted with rank idiocy - "You bow to no one" - glaring at Yami as if he could will Yami to victory.

And in a flash, Yami saw the great flaw in Malik's strategy, saw how to turn the duel around.

And so he did.

When he turned around after collecting the God card, Seto was already gone.


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