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Masterlist of Fics

Okay, so I have switched to posting my fics only on AO3 (Ankhiale), though the ones already up here will stay up. I will keep a running list here, however.

Fandoms and fic series are alphabetized; fics are listed in preferred reading order. One-shots are listed first, and are alphabetized. Older fics have two links: the title link going to the post on this journal, and the AO3 link to the fic. Newer fics are linked only to AO3. A handful of fics are not up at AO3; if I ever do post them there, I will add the appropriate link. Links for series titles take you to the series page on AO3.

Meta/head-canon posts are also linked here, grouped at the end of the relevant section. (General meta grouped at the end of the one-shots; meta pertaining to specific fic series at the end of those sections.)

On warnings: I warn for rape, incest, and abuse/torture. Any such fic is locked, unless I think it's very, very vague. I do NOT warn for spoilers, language, character death, violence of a level found in the original works, consensual sex, any pairings, or anything else. The warnings are only for fics posted here; I won't bother listing warnings for the AO3 fics since you can easily read them there.

(A note on sex: I don't ever get very explicit at all, though you'll definitely know what's happening. Unless there's another reason to lock the fic, such fics are unlocked.)

Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Polarity: The White Queen has taken a vow. This is the only difference between the two queens, in the end.

Circle of Magic
Memory: After they all get back to Summersea, Briar goes to talk to the only sister who might understand. Spoilers for Battle Magic; it's my attempt at reconciling that book with previous canon.

Death Note
The Better Actor: Misa is not as clueless as she acts.

Harry Potter
Universal Solvent: There are only so many times a heart can stand to break. Five times Petunia cried over her sister.

Cornerstones AU
Primal Powers: The laying of the cornerstone at Hogwarts.
First Class: The very first day of Hogwarts classes. Ever.

Radiant: A glimpse at a distant possible future.

Canon compliant:
Always One More: There is always one more Ysandir. Warning for implied cannibalism. (AO3)
Duty: Sometimes, duty is a bitter thing. Neal does his anyway. Warning for major character death.
Eavesdropping: Neal really shouldn't listen in on Wyldon. (AO3)
Envy: Delia wants to ruin Jon's pretty, pretty princess. Warning for rape. [locked] (AO3)
First and Last Things: Roald and Thom, through the years. (AO3)
Flirting: Dove meets Aly's twin. (AO3)
Foretelling: Thom has always been able to see the future.
Friends Like These: The hardest thing for Shinko to adjust to is Roald's group of friends. Sheer utter crack.
The Grim Gray Hills: All hillmen are traitors, and you always knew this.
Growing Pains: Si-cham vs. a certain ornery student.
Letters from the Dead: Fifty letters to the living. (AO3)
Love Consumes All Things: Ozorne has only ever had one great love in his life.
Making Conversation: Jon and Thom have precisely one conversation.
Midwinter Tradition: It's Midwinter, and Alanna has someplace to be. So of course she has to kick Neal out of bed for it. (AO3)
Mirage: Raoul is thinking of another Alan. (AO3)
Radiance: There are only two things Thom has ever loved.
Reconciliation: Aly comes back to Tortall to make amends.
Red and Yellow: Jon really shouldn't have sent her to Carthak. (AO3)
Season of Love and Joy: It's Midwinter. The imperious Duchess of Naxen goes looking for her husband. (AO3)
Traitors and Monsters: Ozorne and Arram. Sometimes, falling in love is the start of the whole downfall. (AO3)
Twelve Days: Buri has issues with a Midwinter song. Yes, that song.
Watching: Shinko watches. (AO3)
World On Its Head: Also includes the sentence-fic "Sacrifices". Two glimpses of a pivotal moment not seen in canon.
Meta and head-canon

Miscellaneous AUs:
Dreams of Flight: Kel Mindelan has a dream. Fusion with Dinotopia.
Kiss and Tell: Delia figures out a thing or two about Squire Alan. (AO3)
The Meaning of Life: Four universes in which Thom doesn't die young.
Song of the Seer: What if Thom had refused to switch? An AU diverging in Alanna: The First Adventure. Warning for rape and incest. [locked] (AO3)
Stricken to the Bone: Thom and Alanna both go to the palace. A seriously strange and sketchy little fic.

An AU in which Numair never flees Carthak.
Difference: Daine comes to Tortall. Things are different, in this world. (AO3)

Discovery: Lord Alan gets two progress reports. An AU diverging in In the Hands of the Goddess. (AO3)
Sounds: To George, Thom isn't silent. (AO3)

Gift!verse (On AO3 as a multi-chaptered fic.)
This is complete and utter crackfic. Consider yourself warned.
Union: They don't understand why people keep separating them.
New Acquaintance: A new magic appears.
A Sight: One magic watches another.
Roommates: One person shouldn't have two magics.
Changes: A Gift comes home.

Hell to Pay
Fracture Point: When Daine corners Ozorne in the menagerie, things go horribly wrong.
The Devil You Know: Numair is accosted by someone entirely unexpected.

The Iron King
Jon dies young. Series is ordered according to when the fics were written, so a few are out of place by internal chronology.
The Iron King: A hundred years from now, Tortall still remembers its Iron King.
The Bird Empress: Fazia finds a strange stone.
Queen of Queens: Thayet figures out her duty.
Glass: Killing someone while they're Sleeping is not a wise idea.

Jesslaw's Angels
Jesslaw's Angels: Owen meets some tremendous ladies. (AO3)
Sons of the Lioness: Alan does not react well to Aly's disappearance. A dark possible prequel to JA. Warning for incest. [locked] (AO3)

The Lindhall Collection
Problems: How Lindhall Reed became Lindhall Reed. The prequel to all my Lindhall fics. (AO3)
Her: Numair learns the hard way not to go pub-crawling with Lindhall. (AO3)
Old Enemies subseries
Old Enemies: Duke Gareth is positive he recognizes that man. (AO3)
Two Notes: One of them has to die first. There are two ways it could go. (AO3)

Line of Duty
An AU in which Kel repeats all four years of page training.
Soldiering On: They don't make exceptions, not for The Girl.
Muddling Through: Someone has to command the refugee camp.

Making the Best of Things
An AU in which Thom and Alanna never switch. Written because I reread Song of the Seer and thought, I didn't have to break them. Series is in the order of fics written, not internal chronology.
Out of the Blue: Roger receives an unexpected message.
First Impressions: Jon and company meet the new lady at court.
Odd Couple: Francis has a bit of a crush.
Burning Brightly: Jon wants to go explore the Black City. Fortunately, Thom is there to stop him.
New Things: Roger always knew that page was insane.
Some People: Ten people who weren't ever wary of Thom, and one person who should've been.
Heroism: Alanna can't be a knight, so she'll settle for being a hero.
The Cold Northern Wind: Kara is the last one anyone expected to leave.
Bucking Tradition: Kel wants to be a knight.
Popping the Question: Jon has a problem.
Irony: Of all the ways Roger could die, it is the Sweating Sickness that fells him.
Weird Folk: Ten friends Daine makes in Tortall.
Scrap of a Dream: Alanna dreams.
Jollity: Owen needs a knight-master.

Myth Arc (On AO3 as a multi-chaptered fic.)
For Mandi on Glake. Written for the Malorie's Peak Prompts.
Dance (#1 - Color): Universe and Flame dance.
Old Stories (#2 - Hauntings): The Black God was a man, once, or so they say.
Eleven (#3 - Addiction): There were eleven Ysandir.
Tastes (#4 - Food): Uusoae eats.
Smash the World (#5 - Healing): This is why the Graveyard Hag gambles.
Piece Together (#6 - Puzzles): Chitral makes something new.
Overreach (#7 - Excess): Kyprioth always overreaches.
Mortal Metal (#8 - Strange Bedfellows): Yama forges an uneasy companionship.
Reckoning (#9 - Two of a Kind): Yahzed is not who his prophets make him out to be.
Sakuyo Laughs (#10 - Magic): It takes a fool to know the secret of magic.
Run (#11 - Race): The constellations run.
Tools (#12 - Behind Closed Doors): The Chamber exists to temper them.
Genius Loci (#13 - Once Upon a Time): Thak's Gate grows up.
Beltane (#14 - Happily Ever After): Spring dances.
Walking About (#15 - Disguise): The Wave-Walker goes walking.

An AU in which things shook out differently - Barzun is unconquered, the hill country is a no-man's land, the Grimhold Mountains are their own country, and Tortall is very small.
Ten Scenes from Another World: A short history lesson, and what happens when Tortall sends an embassy to Grimhold. (AO3)
Away: The twins are celebrating Midwinter separately, and Thom is pensive. This fic may no longer be canon for this 'verse.
Epiphany: Roger figures something out.

Snake in the Grass
An AU based off of the third ficlet of The Meaning of Life. I really don't know how to describe it. It is, hands down, the weirdest thing I've ever written. Fics are ordered in reverse chronology.
The Morning Star: Thom is stuck visiting his family at the Swoop when a certain fleet attacks it.
Caduceus: A traitor gets a visitor.

Unsecret: Alanna's secret gets revealed. So does everyone else's.
Unsilenced: The lady knights get down to the business of ruling.

Virtue Arc
A series of weird little sentence fics.
Soul: The princes and princesses, in six sentences.
As Charged: There are quieter ways to be a hero. Eight women, eight sentences.

What a Flicker Brings
Series warnings: implied rape/abuse, rape by compulsion. Some stories locked.
Thom can canonically see the future. What if he had? An AU diverging in LR.
Compulsion: Thom never knows why he sleeps with Roger. Canon compliant. (AO3)
Nothing But Pleasure: Roger is a sadist. [locked] (AO3)
What a Flicker Brings: Thom of Trebond sees something in his mug, and things change. An AU diverging in Lioness Rampant. (AO3)
Three Months: What happens during the gap at the end of What a Flicker Brings.
Luck-Working: Thom no longer has his Gift, but he still has his luck. (AO3)
Never: Thom never asks Numair what he sees in the charms. (AO3)
Old Ghosts: Numair never looks Thom in the eye. (AO3)
Fools in Love: Daine asks an impertinent question. (AO3)
The Way to His Heart: Numair can cook a grand total of three things. (AO3)
Nine Clues: Nine ways Thom knows Numair is just as broken as he is. Spoilers for an in-progress fic.
Bitterness: Thom does not like Carthak. (AO3)
Unlucky: This is not how he thought he'd die. Major spoilers for an in-progress fic.
Broken: He feels hollow again. Thom after this 'verse's Immortals War. Major spoilers for an in-progress fic.
Ethics: Page training is about to start, and Lord Wyldon's ethics teacher has just up and quit. Of course King Jonathan has a suggestion. Major spoilers for an in-progress fic.
Humility: Humility did not come easy for Thom. (AO3)
Lucky Theories: Thom no longer wonders if his lucks are magic. (AO3)
Reasons: Numair is a silly romantic, which makes him way too easy to tease.
Talking Treason: Thom and Kel have a conversation.

Vignette [2, 3, 4, 5, 6]: What if Pegasus had been a little more eager to spread his pain around? AU after Duelist Kingdom.

The Afterverse
Recollection: Mokuba watches Kaiba remember.
Housemates [2]: After the end of the manga, Bakura shows up on Ryou's doorstep.
Two Visits: Isis and Bakura both get a visit from a very odd stranger.