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For Mandi on Glake.
In response to Malorie's Peak Prompt #6 - Puzzles.


Once upon a time, there was a mountain, and the mountain, over time, wore down a notch in itself, and became the highest pass in the world.

This pass, being a new thing, became itself, and was known as the High Little One, except when it wanted to be big, or wanted to be a great mountain storm, and then the old ones called it Roarer.

It liked that.

It was the first glassy tear of a burning mountain that caught its attention. Here was a new thing.

There was another tear. And another. Puzzled, with a child's curiosity, it picked them up one by one, and tried to see if they fit together.

They didn't. That didn't matter. They belonged together, and they were small treasures. It took the mountain tears home to its pass.

Millennia passed, the land buckled beneath it, and it grew wiser as the world did. Eventually, it decided to sweep its pass clear, to its lower sibling's consternation. And thus did it rediscover its little stash.

High One was wiser now and knew tricks, tricks to put edges of things together, tricks to bring forth essences of crystal. One by one, with a craftsman's curiosity, it put tear to tear, and it was with a craftsman's joy that it beheld the lump when the joining was done.

Eventually, when it was older and had a newer name, a fearful whispered one, its jewel would go forth into the world, bearing into human hands the elemental puzzles of Old Chitral.


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