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For Mandi on Glake.
In response to Malorie's Peak Prompt #12 - Behind Closed Doors.


I have stood here since the concept of a room was first invented. The world may have shifted around me, but such is the nature of the world; time renders it fluid, little though you can conceive of it.

I do not exist to test the fitness of potential knights. You prove your fitness to be a knight the moment you walk willingly across my threshold.

I am here to break you.

I have no interest in knights. My interest is in fixers of things, in forging tools from the raw materials fed to me.

Yes, that would be you. You are tested to destruction, and if you are useless, you shatter in here, and if you come in full of your own ego, i snap you, and if you are passable I temper you so you will last until you are no longer needed.

Take joy in this: all tools break.


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