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For Mandi on Glake.
In response to Malorie's Peak Prompt #13 - Once Upon a Time.


Once upon a time, there was a little patch of land. It was a curling patch, hooked 'round the mouth of the long river, marshy and full of rich, happy silt. The sea lapped at the north side of it, and the river flowed, broad and lovely, down its eastern side.

It was a warm patch of land. The sun shone brightly down on it, and eventually, green things grew. Animals moved in - bright birds in the swooping, drooping trees, silvery fish darting back and forth in the eddies, toothy reptiles lurking in the reeds. The land liked the wading birds best; tall and stately they were, with funny legs and funny beaks, all long and white with beautiful edges of color, like pretty fragile statues.

Eventually, people came. Tentatively, in twos and threes at first, darting through and away again. But they saw the land was good, and so eventually they came to stay, and they built huts from the mud baked in the sun.

The land tried these on. They looked rather nice, it thought.

The bricks got better and the buildings more fancy, and the land was reshaped under the hands of the new people, and it tried its newest look on and decided it was good. And eventually, boats came and went, bringing pretty new things from other lands, and sharing this land's pretty things with them.

Come see, come see, Thak's Gate cries, overjoyed.


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