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For Mandi on Glake.
In response to Malorie's Peak Prompt #15 - Disguise.


She is the joy of the ocean, the star of the deeps, the endless waters that encircle the world. She is the one who tosses the waves, the raging ship-killer, the siren of the lonely rocks.

She is the Wave Walker.

She lives in her house at the bottom of the sea, far below the reach of even the wild mages with their shapeshifts, and she watches the glimmering fishes flit by with all the glee of a tiny girl.

They are her stars, for the stars above do not shine down here.

She is so very curious, sometimes. The mortals cross her surface in great boats, barely touching her, and she wants, sometimes, to know them more.

So she walks among them, sometimes, when she is lonely and wants to see things in her shape, with faces and legs, and no scales. But she is the Wave Walker, and she cannot walk on land.

So she goes about in the shape of her sister, wandering the lands in the seeming of the Goddess. After all, she herself is a goddess, so why should her sister alone lay claim to the name?

She holds eternity in her embrace, and so she does not fear her sister learning of her deceptions.


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