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I just wrote a sympathetic Aly-centric fic. *jaw drops* It's not my best work - it feels a bit, hm, like it isn't quite properly molded. But there you go: Reconciliation.


Aug. 27th, 2012 03:02 pm
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The crackfic icon has never been more appropriate, really. XD

I have just written what is quite possibly the single weirdest Immortals Quartet AU ever, and only Snake in the Grass beats it out for sheer insanity. You know all those crazy fic ideas I had? Things like, oh, Numair being a Tyran spy who really did betray Ozorne and is now spying on Jon, or Ozorne having really executed Numair and not the simulacrum?

Yeah, this fic took all those insane plotbunnies, threw in a few more, then ran them through a blender.

It feels like a first fic, and I do think I have more to write in this 'verse, which I am tentatively titling Hell to Pay. The fic itself, Fracture Point, is up on AO3.

...God, this is a weird little fic. XD Dark, dark utter crackfic.

ETA: posted a sequel! In which yet another one of my crackbunny ideas joins the fray, and we learn that just maybe Ozorne is not completely stupid in Emperor Mage. Much to Numair's chagrin and considerable alarm.

....I think I may have a new AU-addiction. Hee.


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