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Fic update: wrote two new fics, one (Memory) reconciling the end of Battle Magic with what we got told in Will of the Empress and Melting Stones (my first Emelan fic!), and one (Duty) playing with an old, old idea about what would happen if Numair died on a mission for the Crown.

Speaking of Emelan... I'm really wishing I knew more people into the Circle books, because I've just been bit with a plotbunny for, well, another in the inexplicable genre of Tortall/Emelan crossovers. (Probably 'cause I've been reading a bunch of other peoples' crossovers, actually; it seems like half the Emelan fic out there is crossed over with Tortall.)

And, well, it seems like everyone sets their Emelan crossovers in the Lady Knight era. I have no idea why, save that PotS and Kel and the gang are pretty damn popular. I guess people sort of default to "present day" in writing fic?

But I am a SotL junkie, and as anyone who's so much as sneezed at this blog knows, I'm ... more than a little obsessed with Lioness Rampant, and the AU-ing thereof, in particular. XD

You can probably see where this is going. If you haven't read Emelan, beware of spoilers. Plotting ahoy! )

So... too contrived? Did I miss something blindingly obvious? (Wouldn't surprise me.) Other criticisms? I ... sort of really want to write this, but I'm not sure if the genre's overdone.

Fic notice

Sep. 11th, 2012 02:41 am
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Sheer, utter AU crackfic inspired by Tamari in Glake chat.

Enjoy: Unsecret.

I have a short sequel halfway done; with any luck, that'll get up tomorrow.

ETA: It's up.

Working on fic 3 of 4.
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Because her views on Alex are always inspiring. This is probably the best I can manage with a canon Alex - attempting to make his canonical behavior fit with any rationale for his treason is, for me, surprisingly tricky, if I don't fall back on "because Roger's magic." *sigh* I tried, anyway. Take away the "Roger made him do it!" compulsion excuse, and either Alex was a scarily cunning ten-year-old, or he went off the rails a bit as he got older. (Why must Pierce always make her villains crazy?)

This isn't a nice fic, especially if you like Jon, the Old King, or Tortall and Tortallans in general.

Read: The Grim Gray Hills.


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