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(because I forget the details, what.)

And apparently one of those pesky little details I forgot was that the whole reason Onua and Daine stumble across Numair-the-freaky-hawk at all is because Daine's woken from a dead sleep by the weird-sick-magic feel of the Stormwings.


So, in a world where Carthak never starts poking holes in the barrier... what happens? Short answer: Daine and Onua never run across Numair.

I'm not actually mean enough to kill him off - well, at least, I'm not planning on it at the moment - so they will eventually meet. But not as early as happens in canon.

...I wonder: if Daine hadn't met Numair on the road and traveled with him and befriended him, would he have taken her on as his student? Even if he does, the dynamic changes.

The first mage after Numair Daine meets is Alanna. Would Alanna end up taking on a girl with out-of-control magic? Would she even recognize Daine as having magic? She does in WM - she's the one to get Daine to "call" Numair back.

Any thoughts, ideas, or crackbunnies welcome, as always.


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