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See this post for the setup.

Minor Battle Magic spoilers ahead.
  • So I actually have plotlines for five of the six Emelan folk: Daja growing into her role as the Trader trading-post master in Tortall; Tris adjusting to being a mother to a girl half her age, and Glaki growing up in yet another new culture; Briar establishing himself as a green mage and being the group's liaison to George's Court (Briar does not trust George, no he doesn't); Evvy struggling with being a new dedicate, her vows, her religion, away from any other LC-folk. But Sandry - all I have for Sandry is that she's the group's in at Jon's Court and Franzen's official ambassador, so she's doing that stuff - but somehow, it doesn't seem like enough. Especially because I need something to keep her there - all the others (esp. Daja and Evvy, and Briar won't just ditch Evvy) are establishing new lives in Tortall, but I think Sandry's still more than half convinced it's her duty to go back to Emelan someday, and being the Emelanese ambassador is just reinforcing that.

    I mean, yes, that becomes a major part of the conflict in this fic - Sandry has to both eventually realize Franzen really doesn't want her or expect her to return, and she has to struggle with what she perceives as her duty to return. But I need to give her a reason to stay, and somehow I am not sure her foster-siblings are enough? She's spent years separate from them before, and she'd probably justify leaving again along those lines.
  • To that end, I'm totally tempted to give Sandry a Tortallan love interest - and one in Jon's circle, at that, so that Jon, George, and company have reason to start to trust her. (And yeah, in canon - both canons - everyone becomes friends pretty easily, and I'm going to half-stick with that here - I really don't like it when people twist the spirit of canon without proper groundwork - but Sandry's the one who talks most like she's not planning to settle, so Jon & co.'d be a lot less likely to trust her than, say, Daja or Evvy, who are clearly settling in.)

    The cracky side of me really sort of wants her to make a dynastic marriage with Jon, but I cannot see their personalities meshing well. OTOH, he's fairly similar to what we see of her "type" in WotE, and by LR presumably he's grown up some. I ... don't like leaving Thayet in the lurch like that, though, and I don't think I could properly set up such an important match.
  • I am almost thinking of having her fall for Alex, actually - which helps with the "give Sandry a reason to stay" thing but botches the "give Jon & co. a reason to trust her" thing. XD Oh, well - complications can be fun, and I kind of can't see Sandry with either Gary or Raoul, and those are the only real options for a Jon's-close-circle match, unless she really likes older men.
  • But if she falls for Alex and it's mutual... It doesn't stop Jon, Alanna, et al. from being suspicious of Sandry but it may start causing problems for Alex... Hmm.
  • Speaking of romances, I'm thinking of preemptively breaking up Buri and Raoul. IDK. It's pretty easy to read both of them as either gay (which screws with PotS canon, yeah, but hey), bi, or just sort of flexible. I have a potential cracky idea for Raoul I'm mulling over, and Buri ... IDK. I was thinking Buri/Daja, actually, which is what prompted all of this - with the usual traces of unrequited or requited-but-over Buri/Thayet in the background... for some reason, I think Buri and Daja'd work, though Buri's not really Daja's "type," going by WotE - then again, it's not like people don't go against their "type" all the time IRL. XD
  • Basically, I really, really, really want the Circle folk well entangled with Alanna's circle of friends. XD I don't care how effing contrived that is - any crossover's contrived, and what's the point of doing a crossover if the players never interact?
  • ...I am having problems with Roger, actually. I mean, the setup up to just post-Roald's death is still there, so Roger's resurrected and loony, with Delia, Alex, and some random squires helping him conspire to overthrow Jon. I ... am kind of not sure any of the Circle folk, who are all quite forthright and experienced in taking down monsters, would just sort of let Roger ramble about if they were brought in the loop? Which is why I'm having most of the months when Alanna's gone be them settling in, fairly slowly (though again, they end up making friends with George, and via George, Jon & co., about as fast as, well, Tortall canon. So).
  • But I kind of can't get the image out of my head of Roger in the catacombs at the coronation, trying to pull down the palace and getting crisped by lightning. XD I ... don't actually want to go there, because I don't really like it when newcomers roll in and steal the canon natives' thunder (no pun intended...), but just having the Circle folks there means some major changes already.
  • For one thing, Thom lives. And without Si-cham getting involved to messily die, either.
  • Oooooh, I wonder if Evvy can sense it when someone draws out a magic gate on stone? Because that'd allow the Lord Provost and others to just catch Roger in the act and arrest him - which would be interesting, because for all the Tortall books' talk about the rule of law, most of the villains just end up conveniently dying.
  • And then things get interesting because Jon's reign starts with treason trials, and I don't think that, unlike canon/q-canon, Jon can just get away with pardoning Roger. He'd have to start his reign with an execution...
  • Back to romances, because I really, really worry about them. :/ I don't think either Briar or Evvy need romance plots - I've got one I could see for Briar, but idk if I want to go there, and canon's pretty clear that he's mostly, right now, just looking for fun, not romance. Evvy's too distracted with her own problems for romance. Tris, frankly, reads as asexual to me, and dammit, I'm sticking to that.

    But I wonder if it feels too weird for both Sandry and Daja to have romances with Tortallans we know. (Well, Buri's not Tortallan, but you know what I mean.) Like, of all the Circle folk, I could actually ship Sandry/Daja? But I mostly prefer reading those four as siblings. And, well, there's only six Emelanese folk there, unless I contrive to drag along more just as love interests. So.
  • ...Jon/Sandry would still be effing hilarious.
  • ...So I guess, looking over that list, I have three options:
    • Jon/Sandry epic hilarity, which leaves Thayet in the lurch (...actually, I could see either Thayet/Briar, or if I read Thayet as bi, Thayet/Daja), with Daja/Buri. (Or, if I do Daja/Thayet, maybe happy single Buri or something else. IDK. She seems like she could be happy enough single. Hell, she could go be Platonic Life Partners with Tris and help her raise Glaki.)
    • Sandry/Alex, which makes them being integrated into Jon's circle more complicated but gives them an in into Roger's circle; if I do this, Daja/Buri's pretty much definite. IDK why.
    • Either only one of the two (Sandry, Daja) paired with a known, relatively-well-developed member of Alanna's ring of friends and the other either paired with a background character from that circle (like, say, Alanna's yearmates!), a character from completely outside Jon's circle (IDK who), or no romance. I do not want to invent a lot of OCs for this fic; I already have to maybe do so with the Traders who bring them over, if I ever show their journey in the story.

  • What the effing hell do I do with Luvo? A talking rock doesn't really fit in Tortall, especially one that looks like a purple gummi bear. A talking rock barely fits in Emelan. I ... don't know that he'd stay behind, given that in both BM and MS he's pretty damned determined to stay with Evvy. I also don't know what the hell he does in Tortall. Maybe he gets sidetracked to go somewhere else? That's not very Luvo, though.

    Heck, maybe he's the one who takes down Roger. Roger getting his plans foiled by a talking rock would be hilarious. (...So. Crackfic or no crackfic? XD)
  • I am toying with Briar still being able to see gods, a la Battle Magic. I mean, I know BM says it wears off/doesn't work out of Gyongxe, but BM pissed me off anyway by being a huge cop-out ("you will all forget/it was all a dream" - really, Pierce, I expected better). I rather like the idea of there being some lingering effect from having touched the Four Treasures - so maybe Briar now has a minor tweak to his magical vision and can see divine things, while he doesn't remember how he can.

    ...He'd see Faithful, and know instantly Faithful wasn't a mortal cat. He'd see Alanna's ember, and know it for a divine artifact. Hell, maybe he'd even see traces of the Goddess on Alanna.

    ...I wonder if it catches, like Tris' ability to see magic did. I wonder if, while trying to settle in Corus, the girls start seeing divinities too... And Briar is not surprised, but can't explain where the ability came from.
  • I can totally see Faithful and Evvy bonding. Crankily.
  • ...So, we know Evvy can start earthquakes. Can she stop them?
  • I'm now wondering if the Circle folk are brought into George/Jon/Alanna's circle, but not fully into the loop, until after the Coronation Disaster. Because that would be where the five would really shine: during the disaster (Evvy holding up stone, halting Roger's quake, or finding Roger's Gate early; Sandry using her thread magic like Eleni does; Tris being not someone you want to piss off, generally speaking ... and of course during the disaster is when a few favors they've done for their new friends start paying off in spades) and right afterward (Briar's healing salves and ability to help generate new seeds for new harvests; Briar's and Tris' experiences with healing/assisting healers; Evvy and Daja's abilities helping with the rebuilding...).

    IDK. I kind of want to do this, but I'm not entirely sure how to keep the Coronation Disaster without rather strangling the story, and keeping the Circle either ridiculously separate from the other plot or tweaking them/their powers so they (or some of the Tortallans they help) can't take out Roger early.

    ...Maybe everyone's just walking on eggshells with Roger/Delia/Alex because of the legal issues. IDK.

So. Thoughts?


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