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I spend a lot of time dissecting the stories I read. A lot of time. I like looking for the flaws in seemingly perfect characters, and the virtues in unremittingly evil ones, and the places where the world just doesn't quite hold together.

That's half the fun, to me. If there were no broken bits, no ragged edges, I would grow bored. I certainly wouldn't be able to fic; I need those snags to hang stories off of.

None of this means I hate the characters, or the stories. I may hate how they're presented; I may find that the execution fails for me. But if I didn't like them, I simply wouldn't bother.

So no matter how often I rag on one character or story, remember this: if I truly hated them, I wouldn't waste my time on them.

A lot of times I linger on the flaws because it seems like few others do; there's an attitude in a lot of fandom that if you're interested in the flaws at all, you must hate the characters/stories, and I'm a knee-jerk devil's advocate. The more people praise something the more I want to find its broken bits.

(I'm debating, since I'm currently down with Head Cold, Round 2, spending some time over the next few days putting up some posts on Tortall and my head-canon for it, both so I can get it down and so I can really explore, at least a bit, both what doesn't work for me and what does.)


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